Get your POW ON

Sapporo Snow Festival

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3m block of snow

The team in preparation

2016 Snow Sculpture Design revealed

2016 Snow Sculpture Design

Team Australia - Snow Sculpture.

Title: Frogozilla 
 Australia is the home to many deadly creatures. Luckily the rare endangered Australian “Green and Golden Bell Frog” is not one of them. Humans have overtaken nature, clearing habitats, developing highways and cities; this sculpture is representing Frog’s Revenge! Fortunately they only grow to 9cm and will not eat you.

Interview with master sculptor

The team from Bay & Basin Radio 92.7FM interview with master sculptor Randall Sinnamon on the up coming 2016 43nd International Snow Sculpture Contest in Japan.

BBFM Vanessa and her co-host Michael present The SLAM (Shoalhaven Live Arts and Music) program.Team Australia - Snow Sculpture.

Star Wars Snow Sculpture

Larger than life Star Wars characters tower over the skyline

Team Australia - Snow Sculpture

The night seen, Odori Park site

The night view of over 250 Snow, Ice Sculptures and large scale buildings line Odori Park the heart of Sapporo. Team Australia - Snow Sculpture 

Australian snow sculpting team - Sapporo Japan

The Australian snow sculpting team is in preperation for the 43rd International Snow Sculpture Contest at the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival
. Meanwhile in Australian, The summer is beating down on the team as they come up with a snow sculpture idea that would mealt here but should be fine in the Japan winter snow. Team Australia - Snow Sculpture.