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2016:    67th Sapporo Snow Festival

            43rd International Snow Sculpture Contest

Snow Sculpture Design:

The 2016 Snow Sculpture design incorporated an Australian native animal and the human consequences from the environment we have created. Linking the concept with a well know Japanese pop culture character (Godzilla ) to complement the idea.

Title:     Frogozilla 

Description: Australia is the home to many deadly creatures. Luckily the rare endangered Australian “Green and Golden Bell Frog” is not one of them. Humans have overtaken nature, clearing habitats, developing highways and cities; this sculpture is representing Frog’s Revenge! Fortunately they only grow to 9cm and will not eat you.

The "Green and Golden Bell Frog" Litoria aurea

Scott Sheehan
Visual Creator | Snow Sculptor

2016 "Frogzilla" | 2017 ”Opera-chidna" | 2018 "The Breach" | 2020

Surfing and the snow brought Scott to Japan over 20 years ago and Sapporo is his second home. Scott’s art reflects the environment we live in. From Photography, painting, drawing and sculpture, creating art and living in the snow has Scott back each year to Hokkaido and the Sapporo Snow Festival. Creating the Snow Sculptures

"Looking forward to 2020Snow Sculpture :)"

2016 Australian Snow Sculpture Team members

Randall Sinnamon

Artists | Teacher

Randall is a fulltime dedicated artist and is determine to amuse and challenge his audience with opportunities to reflect upon themselves and the social world in which we live. By using sculpture, painting, and printmaking as a means to express a continuous and passionate investigation of nature and humanity. Not to state the aim of his work, thereby leaving it completely open for the spectator's personal interpretation. 

Scott Bowman

Builder | Snow Construction

Having experience of 16 Hokkaido winter activities and living in Japan for the past 10 years Scott feels at home in the Japanese Snowy Backcountry. Having always enjoyed and studied the alpine backcountry he finds the snow the key to unlocking Hokkaido secrets. Scott's knowledge of the snow and its structure is a key factor in the sculptural design and strength. 

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