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2018:    69th Sapporo Snow Festival

            45th International Snow Sculpture Contest

Snow Sculpture Design:

The 2018 Snow Sculpture design The team have created a Snow Sculpture that incorporates an Australian and Japanese connection from the love of the ocean, marine life and creative Japanese art.

Title:      The Breach

Description: The ocean connects us, crossing paths binds our cultures together. The Great Wave off Kanagawa stands tall over Mt Fuji inspiring creativity as nature breaches through the Blue Ocean.

2018 Australian Snow Sculpture Team members

Scott Sheehan
Visual Creator | Snow Sculptor

2016 "Frogzilla" | 2017 ”Opera-chidna" | 2018 "The Breach" | 2020 “??”

Surfing and the snow brought Scott to Japan over 20 years ago and Sapporo is his second home. Scott’s art reflects the environment we live in. From Photography, painting, drawing and sculpture, creating art and living in the snow has Scott back each year to Hokkaido and the Sapporo Snow Festival. Creating the Snow Sculptures at theInternational Snow Sculpture Contest has been a great achievement.”

Kylie Douglass
Artist | Snow Sculptor

instagram kyliedouglassart

2018 "The Breach"

Kylie lives on the South Coast and works from home as an Artist. The coast provides her signature medium the giant cuttle fish bone which is carved and sculpted into major works. Kylie has exhibited professionally for the past 16 years with works travelling nationally and internationally. Kylie is currently studying Auslan with hope for the future to teach Art to the hearing and sight impaired.

Paul Sheehan
Artist | Snow Sculptor

2017 "Opera-chidna"  |  2018 "The Breach"

Having an interest in art,  music and the out doors Paul has spent time bush walking climbing the Snowy Mountains in Australia and trekking in New Zealand and enjoys creating ink drawings of Australian wildlife and carving wood and stone Sculptures Paul interest in music and taken him from  learning the trumpet to traveling to Japan to study the Japanese musical instrument the Shakuhachi zen flute.

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